Preview: Aneta & Urban | Pistoia, Italy

I haven't been posting previews for every wedding this Summer, not because I didn't want to (they've been really beautiful; I am feeling more thankful than ever for the people I've had the privilege of working with), but just because I've been rushing around so much it was one of those things that got pushed to the back burner.

Guess that's one of the wonderful things about staying on-site (which is even better when it's a beautiful villa) both before and after the actual wedding day. I've not only had a chance to enjoy getting to know the couple better along with their family and friends as we shared meals, played card games late into the night, foraged mounds of greenery off the property, and created all the decor from things we found or made together, but I've been forced to slow from my normal pace and spend today, the day after the wedding, soaking it in rather than traveling or rushing back to work. I spent much of last night (late into the night) and this morning just looking at photos and re-living all the beauty I witnessed yesterday. 

Please enjoy the tiniest glimpse of yesterday night at the very end of portraits, as the sun was running away and we chased after it into the olive grove, milking every last ounce of its soft rose hue.



Courtney + Adam: Rainy Mountain Elopement

Courtney and Adam. Such cool people. 

We spent an intimate day up by the lake, up in the mountains, and what grips me about that day was how intimate it was; the world was quiet yet moving in small, unending ways. We seemed to be the only people in the expanse of the wilderness where time was nonexistent.

Their wedding day happened in a remote location, with only a judge, two friends to sign the witness line, and me to share in their quiet celebration. The venue was a large expanse of the NW at its' finest, with walls of far off pines, high ceilings where mist met clouds, crown molding made of mountain peaks, and a tile floor of the subtle blue-green lake surface, speckled by plopping raindrops into an ever-changing texture. Instead of ornate decorations, ambiance was given by tree stumps and smoothed stones on the beach. The short and very sweet ceremony ended with the most surprised sound of delight you can imagine from Courtney, and then the Pacific Northwest generously christened their new marriage with a slight sprinkle. The couple stood in a veil of misty white fog, their faces lined with streaks of water from the sky and their clothes sticking to their ankles when they walked. And to me, these "imperfections" make their wedding day so much more perfect and beautiful than the most ornately planned event. 

As we walked around taking photos, I got quite caught up with the gorgeous scenes these two created with the misty blue backdrop of rain, trees, and mountains, and failed to pay attention to reality as I became engrossed with the world I was seeing through my camera. Hours later, I only noticed how soaked they were because I focused my lens on some raindrops dripping from hair that was plastered to the sides of their faces.  Despite the chill and wetness, they were content and excited to keep going. We spent hours wandering as I continually uttered ridiculous expressions of enjoyment of this visual feast. It must have taken them hours to dry off and warm up once they got home that evening, but what a memorable and beautiful way to get wet.

Please enjoy just a few favorites from a this day.


C+A blog-1.jpg

Photos of Photographers

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting together with a couple fellow photographers, Noelle Johnson and Julia Manchik. We grabbed coffee and chatted about all sorts of wonderful things: marriage, relationships, business, lip balm... and then we set out to explore an area of Seattle none of us had ever been to before.

Shooting without having to worry about getting any specific shots to deliver was delightfully freeing, and we just had fun experimenting, wrapping each other up in vines and sitting on pretty petal-laden (though frightfully wet and muddy) steps... I have many lovely photos that I love-- it helps when the girls you're photographing happen to be naturally gorgeous-- but here are just a couple favorites for now. 



Rachel + Adam Preview

Also more coming soon... a wonderful story and some photos on the beach (and the ice caves!). Do not miss the gorgeous video at the end of the post that my husband, Daniel, sneakily shot while I obliviously took Adam and Rachel's portraits at Cannon Beach. He captured some really wonderful moments-- I wish he could come along to all my shoots! 

Stay tuned. Lots of PNW beauty to share coming up.

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Created by Daniel Lyon

Music by the talented Caleb Groh

Art for Orphans

Recently my friend Adam (who does cool stuff with Rethink Creative Group, as well as his own awesome work here) asked me if I'd be interested in donating some photos for this project called Art for Orphans. Art for Orphans is selling original artwork to help raise money to send to an organization called Family Legacy, who provide food, a home, education, and unconditional love to orphaned children in Zambia. 



I really respect and admire what they're doing. Watch this video; it will probably show and explain a bit better than I can. I hope you'll follow their links, read more about what they're doing and get really excited about helping these children!



If you'd like to contribute, you can buy prints of some of my photos as well as the work from other artists here, knowing that your purchase proceeds are all going towards the people making things happen in Zambia. I'm not sure when else decorating a living space has so benefited someone else on the other side of the globe. 

Below you can see just a few of my photos that are for sale on the site. They're a combination of film and digital images taken around Washington state and in various cities in Italy. 

Sonja Lyon Photography-1-2.jpg
Sonja Lyon Photography-2-2.jpg
Sonja Lyon Photography-7-2.jpg
Sonja Lyon Photography-8-2.jpg
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Don't fret; coming soon

Tell me, do any of you have so many to-do lists you can hardly keep track of them all? If so we're in good company, because I'm forever consolidating my endless lists. I'll find one from a few days prior with almost all the items crossed off, but one or two stubborn things yet to be completed, and on they go, to my current list (that already had enough items, thank you). Then I also have multiple lists that vary in urgency: the short-term versus long-term tasks that need to be separated out so that I can prioritize time when I find myself asking, "How in the world am I going to avoid being completely behind in every area of my life?" Sometimes I'll even make "wouldn't-it-be-nice-if-I-were-productive-enough-to-get-all-these-things-completed" lists that I know are unrealistic and that I have no intention of doing in one short time frame. 

This blog has been on one of those items on a looooong-term to do list... Something I knew I needed to just sit down and pound out. But when you aren't as tech-savvy enough to, you know, write your own code for the exact blog of your dreams, and you annoy yourself with your own perfectionism... things tend to delay a bit.

Despite much delay and too many transferred lists, I'm thrilled to announce that this long-awaited (at least on my end) blog is coming soon, and I can't wait to start semi-regularly sharing some current work and pretty things I'm making here, especially since the layout is SOOO much friendlier to photo quality (thanks, Facebook! You really spurred me on towards getting this done).